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Thread: Albany - the good and the grit

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    Default Albany - the good and the grit

    All are from the 27th except the first one...enjoy

    the mighty Hudson


    and a new hotel of dubious architectural distinction

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    moving out of downtown now...

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    this is strange...the only street whose trees still have leaves (?)

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    Albany Medical Center in the distance

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    weird design

    Central Ave, the "Main St" extending for 14 miles in a straight line to Schenectady

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    haha look at this little thing

    the end

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    Default New York - north end

    Whoa! that was a great photo tour of the town........thanks, Oh and Happy New Year !

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    Fantastic photos of Albany. It's skyline, while small is impressive. I've always felt the Empre State Plaza was underated architectually. Did you have a chance to photograph from the Empire State Plaza itself? Albany is worth a visit with it's stunning views of the Hudson and Mountains from the plaza. It's downtown area with brownstones and historic buildings is interesting too.
    Unfortunately Albany has really nothing other than government and universities to keep it alive otherwise it could be quite a jewel in the middle of the mountains.

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