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    For those who don't know, Schenectady is the 9th largest city in NY, and lies 5 miles west of Albany. It's the city where General Electric and the American Locomotive Company have/had their headquarters (ALCO is gone, but GE is still here, although they've moved all manufacturing jobs elsewhere).

    The focus of this photo tour is the Stockade Neighborhood, the oldest settled area in the city. It sits on the eastern bank of the Mohawk River and is named for the stockade fence that the original Mohawk indians had erected on the site. Today the stockade is no longer, but the neighborhood is stocked (pun intended) with dozens of 18th- and 19th-century homes and churches, and in 1965 it was made the first National Historic District in the state. Go here to learn more:


    such gracious entrances

    ************************************************** **************************

    To wrap things up, here's some shots of Schenectady, starting with its main drag, State Street

    Finally, City Hall. It's a gorgeous building.

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    Thanks, excellent photos. It's great to see Schenectady here. I used to visit a good friend at Union College - god those were crazy times.....anyway, I've been rooting for Schenectady because it did have the beautiful old buildings but it also looked like a lot of it had fallen on hard times. Those freshly painted houses look promising.

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    Very pretty, it is worth living in,

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