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Thread: Downtown Brooklyn area 7/29/04

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    Default Downtown Brooklyn area 7/29/04

    Vinegar Hill is cool.


    Brooklyn Law School Dormitory - this is from the car on Boerum Place. Taking the subway to all of my stops would have been inefficient and since it would entail a bunch of small hops, just not worth it... it was also too hot to walk to everything.

    This was after the car was illegally parked across from the dorm, I left and went through the construction cluster. Cluster. Mmm.

    From Atlantic Ave

    Back wall from Court St.


    53 Boerum Place - now renting...

    119 Court Street - unchanged since last time

    The CourtHouse/YMCA - someone put Miracle-Gro in the concrete...

    From Atlantic Ave

    From State Street, space in between the towers

    First ground floor facade on Atlantic Avenue

    Careful up there...

    Nothing to see but I could have walked right into the ground floor, if I didn't value my life


    110 Livingston Street - the thin side. Don't know when conversion begins

    Atlantic Terminal - open for business. I haven't considered this Downtown. I still don't, but the extension of the CBD this way makes it and Atlantic Yards part of a lowercase downtown area.

    Chuck-E-Cheese: about as unglamorous as you can get

    This is in a nice little area with benches in front of the place

    From Hanson Place, new BONY Tower is at 80% occupancy

    About half of the stores in the interior of the mall aren't open yet. One feature I like about the setup is that pretty much all stores have nice sized windows looking to the outside. TWC has that in some spots also.

    The ceilings are covered with old sketches of block plans around the neighborhood.

    It's also connected to Atlantic Center via a "skybridge" which is accessed through Target (which was the busiest in the country on opening day). North and south with glare.

    Atlantic Center itself is nearing completion of a paint job. Red suits it somewhat better than that nasty plasticky off-white.

    Court Chambers Building - I know this picture has been taken thousands of times, but it just pops up and proves so irresistible.

    Church down the block from the Law School dorm

    Mobil Site - (Atlantic Ave and Court St.) to be replaced by an 8 floor building

    Federal Courthouse Eastern District - from car. This is either one and a half or two years behind schedule

    Residential on Atlantic on the edge of Downtown (from the car)

    Greater Downtown

    Dean Street - two residential buildings. The first is nice, very fitting for the block.. the second I can't tell yet.

    A renovation across the street, in the basement (blurry)

    Edge of Park Slope

    Rowhomes at Fourth Avenue - the image quality isn't high enough to show the nice brickwork. A DEP project related to Water Tunnel #3 is in the foreground.


    84 Front Street - I had the impression it was well underway. Guess not

    85 Adams Street - not quite there yet either. I picked up a piece of stone from across the street lying on the sidewalk. It has shallow carvings, probably from the building demolished.


    On the other site of the site, layers of stuff

    Peas and Pickles - on Front Street

    100 Jay Street - still a parking lot.

    85 Jay Street - still an unofficial parking lot.

    DUMBO Lofts - partial/unsavory photos

    Vinegar Hill

    85 Husdon Avenue

    91 Hudson Avenue - preconstruction

    Roughly triangular site, wedged through fence

    Evans Street Rowhomes

    Other side of the block


    From the end of Front Street, I think that's 55 Water Street in the distance

    Brooklyn Navy Yard - one tiny slice of it. I actually forgot to snap the house beyond the fence. You'll have to use your imagination, aided by the glimpse of it here.

    A side gate to a grand entry with imposing columns and light fixtures

    Continuing the fence westward

    It kept going

    I have no idea where it stops. There are no signs or markings describing the place.

    Between this area (across the street from Evans Street rowhomes) and the area by 85 Hudson Ave, I now hold Vinegar Hill closer to my heart. Full of hidden spots, cobblestone streets that sometimes wind, and a near silence, I would say it's a great place for explorers but I really want it all for myself...

    More later.

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    Very nice photography as always. Thanks!

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    You covered A LOT of ground. Do you drive around and snap or walk? The pictures look great. Booming Brooklyn!

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    Steel has been delivered to the site on Atlantic Ave & Smith that has been dormant for a while. Who knows how the design has morphed. It was ging to be residential, then a boutique hotel. Either way, it is movingnow.

    Just behind the parking lot on Smith Street, between State St & Schermerhorn, plywood is going up on the perimeter. I would guess it means something is underway, but, in Brooklyn, everything isn't what it seems.

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    Brooklyn is always cool...

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