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Thread: Jersey City Rising

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    Default setbacks

    Good news about Viacom and Disney coming in. Im a little skeptical when hearing about the 10' setback rule though. Not only will that create some awkward facades when new constructions mix with existing, but more importantly, it'll just be an excuse to have hundreds of cars line the sidewalks and destroy the pedestrians right of way.

    If there was a rule that only yards,benches and stairs were allowed, id be all for it, but its only going to allow for more curb cuts, garages and perpendicularly parked cars to remove the separation that pedestrians have from the street.

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    I'm hoping that part of it will just be to allow yards and not garages and curb cuts. I don't understand why some people take out their yard to put a car. I see it everywhere; in Brooklyn, Jersey City, the Bronx. I don't get why this can't be outlawed?

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    Default they need to build enough resident parking for it to be fair

    I think the city needs to find a way to provide free, adequate and convenient resident parking if they are going to outlaw people from putting a parking space in front of their house. Otherwise, its basically a cost increase - and a pretty big one at that, for living in Jersey City and Brooklyn. After all, its just one more reason to say the hell with it and move to the suburbs.
    I agree it would be nice to preserve the yards, but if I was a politician I'd be frightened of doing something that cost people hundreds of dollars a month for relatively vague benefits like attractive yards.

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    It looks like newport has broken ground on The Aqua, but LeFrak said construction would start in 2008. Dose anyone know if the change the start date on this project?

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    Default The Aqua

    I wouldn't be surprised if they moved the date up, given that the 77 Hudson East Tower is the only other rental tower under construction right now that will have nice views of Manhattan (all other towers with views of NYC that are U/C right now are condo)...and given the surge in the rental market here in JC over the past few months, it makes sense not to hold off construction of that thing any longer (plus the Shore Club condos are probably nearly all sold out)...

    Anyway, check out these changes to The Aqua to be considered Tuesday night (taken from the 1/23/07 Planning Board agenda):

    Case: P06-030.1 Preliminary Major Site Plan Amendment
    Applicant: Newport Associates Development Company
    Attorney: Charles Harrington
    Address: 110 River Drive
    Block: 20 Lot: 3.15, 3.16
    Zone: Newport Redevelopment Plan
    Description: Amendment to original approval granted April 18, 2006. Changes are a reduction in units from 363 to 358, increase in footprint for expanded retail space, internal layout changes, reduction in open space, minimal height increase, and minor facade changes.

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    Did they push the start date back a year?

    Harwood Properties to Develop $350M Mixed-Use Project

    By Kelly Sheehan, Online News Editor

    JANUARY 22, 2007 -- Jersey City, N.J. -- Harwood Properties, a real estate development company based in Jersey City, N.J., has received the go-ahead to develop a "1 Journal Square," a $350-million mixed-use project in Journal Square, one of the city's historic neighborhoods. The area is near a transportation center and is only a 10-minute subway ride from lower Manhattan in New York City.

    Upon completion, the community is expected to bring more than 1,000 residential units within 52- and 46-story towers to the run-down area. It is expected to break ground in early 2008 and be completed within two years, Lowell Harwood, managing partner of Harwood Properties, told MHN. The two buildings will share a seven-story base that will include 155,000 square feet of retail along with parking and amenities, including a gym, pool, yoga studio, deck, playground, theater and dog run.

    Jersey City’s planning board unanimously approved site plans for the 1.5-acre project. The board hopes that the complex will restore the thriving business district that, like many other Jersey City neighborhoods, has deteriorated while development attention was focused on the Hudson River waterfront. Journal Square was once famous for its movie theaters, restaurants and department stores.

    Currently, the plans call for the construction of rental units, although condominiums will be considered depending on market conditions, Harwood said. Studio-, one- and two-bedroom units will range from 550 to 900 square feet and rent for an average of $2,500. At this time, no other details regarding the residences are available. The project’s retail space may be filled with a supermarket, drugstore and restaurants, along with upscale coffee houses and shops.

    Theodore S. Hammer, a managing partner of Haines Lundberg Waehler, an architecture and planning firm in Manhattan, has provided the design for the modern project. “Journal Square was once an exciting and vibrant place, and [this project’s] architecture is design to evoke a Times Square feel,” Harwood said.

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    Whoa I gotta find this out for myself. I've been hearing this February. I'll get to the bottom of this.

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    I sure hope that the "2008" is a typographical error. However, I don't think they were able to acquire those last few buildings yet...and maybe they're going to settle in court which may take many months. grrr.

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    If city wants to be a player, then it better bring 'A' game

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007
    J ersey City has a reputation as a bargaining chip - but this time, city officials are hoping to cash in.
    Merrill Lynch is looking for roughly 2.3 million square feet of office space, most likely in the form of a high-rise as tall as 48 stories, and recently sent out requests for development proposals to Jersey City, Manhattan and Long Island City.

    Merrill Lynch currently occupies roughly 4 million square feet in New York and another 3 million elsewhere in New Jersey, but its leases on more than half that space are scheduled to expire in 2013.

    A representative for the international financial giant was mum about its intentions: "Like any well-managed company, we are in the midst of reviewing our options."
    Several sources were initially skeptical about Jersey City's chances, saying corporations often use Jersey City as a negotiating ploy to elicit a better package from New York City.

    "They bait New York and pretend they're moving out," one insider said.
    But Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy is trying to do his part to bring the company here.

    "Jersey City would welcome the addition of Merrill Lynch to our Gold Coast, as their presence here would further solidify our status as the economic engine of the state," he wrote in a statement.

    But Healy needs to get even more aggressive - akin to the administration's all-out blitz when the New York Jets were considering Jersey City as a potential site for their training facility and headquarters - to win this time.

    He needs to be an entrepreneur, putting on a visible public relations show while simultaneously working behind the scenes to come up with creative incentive packages.

    Jersey City's main resources include tax abatements and the state's business employment incentive program, which are dwarfed by the power its peer across the river can wield, so Healy should consider lobbying state lawmakers for greater tools to attract business.

    Commuting to 'The Office'?

    Perhaps they'll introduce a new character on the NBC comedy "The Office" - one who lives in Hoboken and commutes by train to Dundler-Mifflin in Scranton, Pa.
    It could be reality - in 25 years or so.

    Pennsylvania officials are currently holding public meetings on reviving passenger rail service between Scranton and the Mile Square City and, via the PATH, the Big Apple.
    The proposal highlights the skyrocketing real estate prices in the New York City region, as well as an indication of the lack of decent jobs in post-industrial regions.

    In some ways, it's a bit sad. People are willing to spend at least four hours a day on a crowded train since they can't afford to live and work in the same state. In today's busy and fast-paced world, four hours is an eternity and surely could be better spent.

    The rail line is not expected to be completed by 2030. Maybe by then we can come up with a better solution than two-hour train rides.
    If not, read any good books lately?

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    Lets go Healy I have seen the plans that Merril Lynch has for their office building next to 101 Hudson that has yet to be buit. I will try and scan and put it on here. It has a spire and is eliptical with a sqaure winter garden base. We gotta get this firm; they already have expanded as much as they can 101 Hudson St. so if they want to expand here and built next to 101 Hudson then we must accomodate.

    Let's go Jersey City!!!

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    Anyone know whats happening at 16th Street between Jersey Ave and Coles? The whole lot was leveled and looks like its getting prepped for construction, but I haven't found anything on it.

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    Default Small, but progress...

    Web Video Firm Subleases 19,000 SF
    By Eric Peterson

    One Evertrust Plaza

    JERSEY CITY-VectorMax Corp. has agreed to sublease 19,275 sf in a 17-story, 314,500-sf office tower here. The company, which provides web-related video products and services, will use the building’s entire fifth floor as its headquarters. TD Ameritrade is the sublandlord and Evergreen America Corp. owns the asset.

    The sublandlord was represented by Frank Doyle and Jay Lapham both with Jones Lang LaSalle’s New York City office. VectorMax was represented by Jonathan Fein and Frank Cento of Cushman & Wakefield. The sublease runs through 2011; further terms were not released.

    “VectorMax was looking to open an office in Jersey City as a base from which to expand its business in both New Jersey and Manhattan,” Doyle says. “The firm was able to get high-quality space within the Jersey City waterfront market directly across the river from Downtown Manhattan.”

    Built in 1986, One Evertrust Plaza is located at the intersection of Christopher Columbus Dr. and Washington St. Owner Evergreen America occupies space in the building, and other tenants include Daiwa Securities, Lazard Freres, BPD International Bank, Gilbane Building Cos., IBM, Standard Chartered Bank and Time Warner Telecom.

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    From NYSixth:
    Lot Cleared On Jersey Avenue

    One day there is a small shanty town, and the next an empty lot primed for new construction. The lot between Jersey Avenue and Coles Street on 16th Street was cleared of buildings and debris. We're not sure what is planned for the site, but its two blocks south of 833 Jersey Avenue, a new luxury mid-rise that recently broke ground, and across the street from housing projects. At the moment, we're hard pressed to find any information on the site, whether its simply a cleanup of the lot in anticipation of a sale, or whether there is a proposed or approved construction project for the lot.

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    Default Lot Cleared On Jersey Avenue

    According to this study, looks like the 3 of the blocks to be acquired, for the HOLLAND TUNNEL project blocks 10, 11, 12 for pages 22-23 (pdf pages 27-28)

    Otherwise it looks like most of the land would be owned by this company and maybe part of the 300,000 expansion of warehouse space
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    I was looking at that report earlier today, but I ruled it as a possibility since its two years old and block 11 is 833 Jersey Avenue, new construction, and Block 2 and Block 3 are proposed projects from Lefrak that they are actively seeking approval for. Also, the 16th Street parcel is not included under those plans.

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